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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Sex Tips and Tricks!

When it’s time to take the tree down, don’t just throw away those uneaten candy canes, put them to use in the boudoir! Next time you and your love get orally involved use your peppermint cane to give extra tingly sensation to your partners parts. “Hook” your partners penis with two canes and move them down and around while you lick his tip. The possibilities are delightfully endless and festively original.

If you have the luxury of a secluded back yard then make like an Eskimo and head out doors for some naughty frosty fun. Wait till dark with your fairy queen before donning a warm, easily removed winter coat and running out into the snow to make some love. Sure the idea may not sound the utmost romantic but the scenery does make for a spectacularly wondrous sex-capade, and you can always run in afterwards to finish what you started by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa together. For added privacy, you can build your love nest of snow during the day and lay blankets as a floor.

Show up at your lover’s door as their very own private present. Wear festive lingerie or boxers and over that, wrap yourself in paper wrapping. Be sure to include bows and ribbons tied to your naughty bits. For an extra touch tie a gift card around your neck with ribbon saying, “To- A very good boy/girl Merry XXX-Mas!

If you’ve ever dressed up as Santa to charm the kiddies, and still have the suit, then use it towards a more advantageous purpose this holiday season. Surprise your Mrs. Clause by wearing the suit into the bedroom and giving her a very merry strip tease. You can always layer the suit and strip down to festive undies. Be sure to fill Santa’s bag with some new sex toys to give to your very good girl.

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