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Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 Sex Techniques That Guarantee Pleasure in Bed - The Sneaky Tricks You Probably Haven't Tried!

In today's article, we are going to introduce 3 surefire ways to spice up your bedroom action. Whether you are in long or short term relationship, these tricks will make sex better than ever!

1. Femoral movements: before you approach her, apply good amounts of warming lubes around her genitals and thighs. Then, she draws her legs together, and you thrust in between the legs. That's right: there's no need to go into the vaginal canal. While you rock, your member rubs against the outer lips of vaginal. Plus, you should move side-to-side to ensure you hit the joy buttons near the opening. The friction can make her feel incredibly pleasurable and can even lead to the big "O" quickly. Also, the blissful massage around your member will keep you deliciously satisfied!

2. Add a toy: it's a well known fact that the clitoris is packed with pleasure-receptive nerves. The joy button is like penis as to men. Occasionally, you will want to stimulate it with a cylindrical vibrator. Or, you can use an electronic toothbrush. And, if she finds the vibration intense, you can tell her to put on underwear. Either way, the little tool can amp up her sensation spectacularly!

Tip: hygiene is extremely crucial for sexual health. Make sure you clean the toy thoroughly after using it!

3. Blow it off: when you are with her, don't rush straight to private areas. Instead, you will want to spend sometimes to stroke the uncharted territories, including her knees, earlobes, feet, belly, jaw, and shoulder. Here's what you can do: lick the hot spots lightly, and then blow air onto the wet areas. This will make your lucky lady swoon with unadulterated pleasure!

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