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Friday, January 8, 2010

3 Devious Methods to Excite a Woman - Without Touching Her Body

1. Almost Touching

While you're speaking to her, softly place your hands on her shoulders and arms, and then move smoothly down. The strategy is not to caress her, but to let your hands remain, or flit around, her skin. This will augment and enhance the sexual tensions as her need for your touch will increase. You may be astounded as she could be initiating love making after you get her aroused sufficiently.

2. Talk and Tease

As women are natural inspired thinkers, you can utilize this quality to your advantage by exciting and teasing her imagination all through foreplay (or prior to that). Just talk to her in a teasing way to make her feel deeply aware of your being there with her. Be craft and clever and entice her to want to get closer to you simply by describing in detail what you desire to do to her. With some measure of luck, it will be her initiating wild sex with you after a dinner date or a night out at the movies.

3. Breathing Therapy

Press together your lips and let out a steady stream of breath aimed at at her exposed skin. This stream of air will be indicative of your 'touch' and you can do this action just about anywhere; while seated next to her on the couch while enjoying your favorite T.V. show, as you're watching a movie, or even as you're walking together.

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