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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Perform the Triple-Double Sex Position

  1. Enact foreplay among all of the partners. This group will most likely be bi-sexual, as the sexual position requires men's penises to come in contact throughout. Therefore, during foreplay, each person should assist in getting the men erect and the woman stimulated so that her body produces lubrication.

  2. Lubricate all penises, the woman's vagina and anus. This is of prime importance to this sexual position, as the orifices must be large enough to each receive two penises. Take a good amount of time to make sure you do this properly during foreplay.

  3. Insert one penis into each orifice. The human body is made of tissue that will stretch during sexual performance. Let the process occur naturally by allowing the woman to receive a penis in her vagina, anus and mouth comfortably first. The most comfortable position for the woman will be laying face down on the bed with two men under her. This will allow her to expose her vagina and anus, while leaving her mouth in the position to perform oral sex.

  4. Repeat the insertions slowly into each orifice. Once everyone is enjoying the sexual experience with the first three men, it's now time for the next three to insert their penises. Do this gently and slowly. Start with the vagina, as that will be the easiest, and then move to the anus, as that is the hardest. Once you have established the rhythm of those four men, then the final male can insert the second penis into her mouth, thus completing the Triple-Double Sex Position for one heck of an ****.

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