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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Britney Spears may be legally freed from papa Spears control

As we reported in January, Britney Spears’ entire life is currently controlled by her dad – Jamie Spears. Well, sources report that big daddy is about to let go.

Jamie has had total control since November ‘08, but sources say he’s convinced that Brit can cope by herself. So the plan, it would seem, is for dad to stay in control until Britney’s tour next November, then untie her wings and let his daughter fly free, hopefully not right into the ground again.

Well-placed insiders are saying Jamie Spears will use an upcoming court date to ask for the conservatorship he won in ‘08 to be reviewed, so his daughter can regain some control of her life. It’s widely believed that, without the tour to consider this would already be done, but the various vendors and perhaps insurers who support her performance were promised that Jamie would run things until they got paid.

Daddy Spears can’t ask the judge to end to conservatorship, just review it. But if the judge sees she’s better, he can then cut the cord.

We know she’s bipolar, and that, like Michael Jackson, she was pushed to perform so that others could gain. If she can cope on her own, still take her meds and keep the people around her that Jamie has used, her chances are good. But the old ways are tempting and she may well relapse. And after the last time, they’d kill more than her fame.

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