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Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Experiment With Sexual Positions During Pregnancy

  1. Try any position you want in the first trimester; the only issue here may be that morning sickness is clearly a mood-killer, and despite its name can appear any time of the day. Breasts will need to be handled more gently, as the nipples will be more sensitive and tender. Many women experience renewed desire in the second trimester, but this will vary from person to person. As birth approaches, a woman's interest may wane again since she's feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

  2. Start to experiment with different positions as the woman's belly grows. The old standby missionary position probably won't work as well anymore, since it puts too much pressure on her stomach. During the third trimester, the woman should avoid lying flat on her back.

  3. Try cross positions, woman-on-top positions and rear-entry positions that do not put pressure on the stomach. Spooning is a favorite among many couples, creating easy access and a feeling of intimacy. If you're feeling more passionate and in the mood for deeper penetration, try a modified doggy-style position with the woman's chest resting on the bed. Oral sex is always a good option, too.

  4. Start kissing and see where your bodies take you. You may discover a pose you'd never thought of before

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